​Preventing Critters From Living Rent Free in Your Home This Fall

The most important way to keep your home critter free this fall and winter is by doing your due diligence on checking the exterior and interior of your home. As the summer continues in Wisconsin and begins winding down, start looking for clear indicators that will later serve for critters to rest and enter your home as the seasons change.  

As you look around your home's exterior, take note of some commonalities. Garbage receptacles should remain clean and sealed tight. There isn’t a better place for rodents and other critters to hide then at the bottom of a sticky, garbage filled, unsealed receptacle. Investigate the outside of the home for any cracks in the foundation or siding. If you find them, seal them up with caulk or steel wool. If you aren’t taking time to locate these cracks, the small insects of Wisconsin will enter and make your home their fall and winter residence. A few additional important considerations are your gutters, garage door, and lawn. Gutters often contain standing water and unneeded moisture, which is prime for attracting insects. If your garage door lacks a seal, small rodents will squeeze their way inside. Remember to keep your lawn and landscaping well trimmed. This should be done to make sure you’re not giving insects a safe place or hideout underneath sticks, leaves, or firewood.

After going through the outside of the home it's time to move inside. Small insects like Elder Tree Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles find dark places in the home to hibernate. Small cracks and crevices in windows, doors, pantries, based boards, or cabinets are some of their favorites. Another preventative measure that can be taken on your home's interior are covering openings to vents, air dryers, and chimneys. These entryways are like lit neon signs for critters to enter your home at the end of summer. Why is it so important to keep your home clean and free from leftover crumbs, meals, or stickiness? These areas act as magnets for critters if not taken care of. Lastly, leaky pipes and clogged drains should be taken care of to prevent unneeded moisture and flooding that will attract more critters.

We hope you find these reminders helpful as we wind down from the hot summer months in Wisconsin. Critter Gitters is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the pest control needs of Kenosha and Racine residents for 40+ years. If you need us to help you prepare for pests this fall or winter, contact us today - we are happy to help!

Critters that live in homes when residents don't prepare.